Best Chocolate Protein Shake Ever (or at Least I Think So)!

I woke up this morning, (which is always a good start)! Saying to myself,”Pam, get up, put your workout clothes on, you have got to work out.” After about 20 minutes of talking myself in and out of actually getting up, I finally took the plunge, rolled out of bed, (mentally kicking and screaming) got dressed, filled my water-bottle, opened the front door, it was pouring rain. Being the emotionally stable person that I am, I took that as a sign. In my not so recent past life the next thought would be, “Oh well, I tried, I can’t workout, that must mean it’s Danish time!” My saving grace was, thinking, Ok Pam, you’re starting this community, how would it look if you downed six Danish before 9 am? So, I must admit I am proud of myself, I made a better choice which didn’t leave me with insurmountable guilt for the rest of the day. I made my own version of a Chocolate High Protein Milkshake. It tastes great and really fills me up. If you decide to try it,I would love to know what you think.

Oops, it looks like the sun’s coming out. I guess that means I’m working out. The upside to this is if I would have caved and eaten the Danish, even if the sun came out and “The Rock” came to personally train me I would not have worked out!

I hope everyone has the most wonderful Danish free day. Xoxo Pam

Oops… what kind of friend would I be if I didn’t include the milkshake recipe? Sooo, here it is.

One bottle of Core Power chocolate protein shake. 170 calories
14 ounces

OR. One carton Atkins Dark Chocolate Royal Protien Shake 160 calories
Personally I like the taste of Core better but they are both really good.

I teaspoon Hersheys Cocoa, 100% Cacao naturally unsweetened. 10 calories

2 teaspoons Stevia sweetner, basically sweeten to taste. Personally I like the “Truvia” brand but there are many other good ones. 0 calories

Add a cup or two of ice. To your nutra bullet or blender (Depending on how thick you like your shake) and blend. 0 calories


180 calories for an hour of pure pleasure.

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