If Not Now! When?

The quote or saying or whatever you call it, “If not now when” has never resonated as much with me as it does at this very moment. I have spent my life “TRYING” to feel safe, to stand on my own two feet, to lose weight and keep it off, to feel good enough, pretty, and smart enough. The key word is “ENOUGH”. I’ve never felt enough of anything. I’ve focused on the reasons or issues of why I was so screwed up, why I lived in denial my entire life, why I self sabotaged businesses, relationships, diets you name it. I must have 500 journals that I used to write out these elaborate plans to finally change and create this wonderful life of my dreams. This process started with my first diet plan when I was 7! It turns out they weren’t really plans, Plans take action. Up until now all I had were dreams with no foundation. You notice I said, “Up until now?! After waking up one morning recently and realizing that I have been on this roller coaster for over 50 years. OMG, it was a sobering moment when it occurred to me I was in danger of never recovering. My future of my wardrobe consisting of 3XXL pastel pull on, elastic waisted pants with matching $9.99 floral polyester swing tops, and thick rubber soled flip flops, with no hope of having a date- let alone ever having sex again flashed before my eyes. If that visual doesn’t scare me straight, I may as well call it a day! But enough of the past. What we’ve decided to do at Dynamic is start a community where we are truly invested in each other’s success, going through the good, the bad and the ugly together. A place to go and get support before we take that first binge bite or need a voice of reason about deciding to kick that very dicey, unemployed, boyfriend to the curb and all the other issues that can trigger us to dive headfirst into a Key Lime Pie or two…Just sayin! A community based on positive support given with love and humor and above all knowing that you are in a nonjudgmental safe environment. A place where we can share and embrace this wonderful adventure that we will take together and finally lose the weight we always wanted while enjoying the process.


To Hell with the reasons or our pasts! Who cares? As of now we take whatever action is needed day by day or by minute action together.


We would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions about how to make our community better. Us girls are strong and beautiful and we have to stick together. Ok, I agree we can’t leave the men folk out so guys are invited as well.

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