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Receive a customized treatment plan based on your individual deficiencies, imbalances, and goals.

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Energy Boosting
Appetite Suppression
Controls Cravings
Fat Burning
Increase Fat Metabolizing
Regulates Insulin Function
Muscle Building Stimulation
Triggers Fat Release
Regulates Body Metabolism
Powerful Antioxidant Combo

LifeRx.md’s weight loss program is different from other programs. It’s extremely comprehensive and personally tailored by our team of experts to each individual’s metabolism and body composition and 100% designed with your success in mind.

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LifeRx.md is a well-reputed and leading virtual platform for telemedicine and diagnostics.

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Simple & convenient process

Doctor consultation from home or office on your phone or computer.

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With our solution, you can get everything you need done right online-quickly and conveniently on our secure Telehealth patient portal without wasting hours of your time in traffic and waiting rooms.

Medication delivered to your doorstep

All medications prescribed to you are shipped directly to your home or office, hassle-free.

24/7 Customer Service

Our proactive and dedicated customer support is always online to help answer any questions you may have.

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Meet Our Team

Susan Diamond, M.D

Susan Diamond MD is a board-certified Internal Medicine and Nephrology Physician. She completed her bachelor’s degree at the University of Pennsylvania. Susan received her MD from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Dr Diamond completed her internship, residency and fellowship at the University of Texas, Southwestern Medical School in Dallas Texas. Dr. Diamond has extensive experience working in telemedicine and is passionate about helping patients reach their weight-loss goals. When she’s not seeing patients, she enjoys swimming, exercising with weights and is an avid runner.

James Reichman

James Reichman, MD is a board-certified Internal Medicine Physician. He graduated Cum Laude, from Brandeis University with a Bachelor of Arts degree. He received his MD from George Washington Medical School in Washington D.C. Dr Reichman has authored several medical articles including in the New England Journal of Medicine. Additionally, he has authored several chapters in medical books. Dr. Reichman served as an army medic and attained the rank of Major. He is an avid reader and enjoys spending quality time with his family when he’s not attending to patients.

Dr. Hameed Q. Ali, D.O., SFHM Medical Director​

Dr. Ali has reinvented himself and his practice by focusing on Anti-aging, preventative medicine, and weight loss. Dr. Ali as our supervising physician is continuously attends seminars and symposiums to stay current and improve on all the newest technologies and advances available.

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Frequently Asked

LifeRx.md’s program was created to help everyone achieve their weight loss and wellness goals, no matter what age or gender or how much weight needs to be lost.
LifeRx.md’s entire focus and priority is to provide you with the information and tools necessary to help you reach and maintain a healthy weight & lifestyle.
LifeRx.md will create a customized weight loss program based on your individual needs and goals.
Everyone’s physiology is different, therefore your program must be individually customized and tailored to your unique physical conditions and characteristics.

As weight loss specialists we access your unique situation and then modify your weight loss program based on a multitude of individual factors, particularly any existing medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, hormone imbalances and cholesterol to name a few.
As you begin your journey to a healthy weight and lifestyle, bear in mind that proper and effective weight management can help alleviate or even eliminate many of the other conditions caused by excess weight.

There’s no exact timetable when it comes to our weight loss program. Everyone is different and weight is lost at different rates by everyone. The promise we make is our ability to continually adjust and modify your program so that you see and feel progress…and results that last.
The length of time you may need to stay on our weight loss program depends on which program you are on and how much weight you need to lose.
Our goal is to get you where you want to be as safely, quickly and effectively as possible. Not only to obtain but just as importantly to maintain your results.
Your newly acquired lifestyle improvement habits along with our maintenance programs and support will help you achieve long lasting results.
The programs we offer are comprehensive and include not only effective medications, but also lifestyle modifications as well as diet and exercise recommendations to ensure your success.

Our program promotes a balanced healthy lifestyle, which includes being conscious of what you eat and how you exercise which is proven to be a realistic and sustainable approach.
The results obtained from combining our weight loss program with a healthy, balanced diet & exercise program are consistent and long-lasting.

No….you are not bound by any long-term financial commitment with LifeRx.
You can discontinue the program at any time without any fees or cancellation costs.

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