Putting the Safety on (not Pulling that Trigger)

What triggers me to turn to food? Keep that question in your mind and feel free to reflect in the comments below. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing yet, read what others have said and see what you can relate to.
There are tons of reasons people get triggered. Some of the most common ones are: starving yourself, messing up your diet, negative mood states, and feeling fat. If you starve yourself all day of course you’ll want everything but the kitchen sink at night! Messing up your diet or feeling fat makes you feel like giving up and saying to hell with everything you’ve worked for. Eating in a negative food state is something all too familiar to me.

Personally, I’m an emotional eater. Food brings pleasure and is comforting! I eat when I’m sad, lonely, bored, even when I’m happy and celebrating I binge eat. Binging has more negative effects than what you may see on the scale. It creates an unhealthy relationship with food and creates awful habits that are difficult to change. How did I start changing those habits? A million dollar question that every corporation’s marketing team has a different answer for.

In all honesty, I closed my mouth and opened my ears instead. Listening to other people’s struggles with food made me feel not so alone. The stories of those really struggling remind me where I have been, and the success stories remind me of where I want to go! Habits don’t change overnight unfortunately, but with time and genuine effort they do- trust me! Next time you feel triggered to binge go to a safe space and listen to other’s stories that resonate with you. Hopefully the community we build here will be that place for you.

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