Snack Prepping: How To Make Your Produce and Progress Last!

The easiest way to fudge up your diet is having easy access to fudge! But really having easy access to your “cheat” foods will make losing weight way harder than it needs to be. It is time to throw out the soda and ice cream and give your fridge a makeover!


Ever notice how all the food you really shouldn’t be eating has bright colors and fun packaging? It’s a trap to lure you in! Trust me- there is no way to make the junk food less appealing… so the only solution is to feed it to the trash can. It is totally possible, however, to make healthy food more appealing. Stocking your fridge with fruits and veggies is a great first step, but you can level up your diet by displaying them in a more appetizing way.


Getting ziploc bags, mason jars, or tupperware containers from the dollar store are a cheap and easy start! Meal planning may not be practical for everyone, but snack planning can be! (It is way easier and quicker too.) Simply take the time to properly wash all your fruits and veggies as soon as you get home from the store and cut them up the way you like to eat them. It may be tedious at first, but you only have to do it once a week. Then for the rest of the week you will be able to have an easily accessible healthy snack at any time.
Having them pre-washed and ready to go means you can have a bag of carrots and celery with the same energy it takes to grab a bag of chips. Maybe it won’t be as satisfying as chips, but it’s what is in your fridge and it will fill you up while giving your body the nutrition it needs. Plus when you are really hungry and need something fast- you won’t feel like taking the time to wash prep your veggies in that moment.


This method of snacking will also make your produce last longer. Soaking produce in a mixture of water and vinegar before storing in the fridge kills the fungus that creates mold and helps your produce last twice as long. Also- keeping produce in air tight containers increases its longevity. For example, cut up strawberries in a mason jar can last up to 2-3 weeks! That is a game changer, especially for those that watch their fruit go bad every week. It’s probably not even your fault- I’ve had strawberries go bad the day after buying them! It can be super discouraging when your healthy snacks go bad after a couple days and you’re left with few alternatives.


Snack prepping makes you far more likely to choose the healthy option when you are trying to decide what to snack on and can be a great addition to your new healthy lifestyle!

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