Having Low-Testosterone (Low-T) is a debilitating and dangerous condition to your health and overall quality of life. With studies that show men in the United States losing testosterone every year at a rate of at least 1% a year, and bad habits contributing to Low Testosterone levels, it’s not a surprise that so many men are suffering from the hormonal condition that is silently making them wither into a tired shell of their former self.
Low testosterone, (Low-T or Hypogonadism) is a medical condition most commonly associated with affecting men after 30 years of age, although we have seen younger men between 21-29 years of age also suffer from this condition.

The condition usually involves a deficiency in the production of healthy Testosterone levels, many times caused by internal and external factors that disrupt the endocrine system.

Here at LifeRx.md, we consider Low-T to be having total testosterone levels under 500.

The best way to find out if you have Low Testosterone is to get your bloodwork done at a medical clinic like LifeRx.md that specializes in Testosterone optimization. It’s important to consider a medical specialist that understands and has training in Testosterone optimization, since a non-specialist may not provide you with the knowledge and options necessary to take important health decisions.

The good news is that there are safe and effective protocols in place to treat Low Testosterone which includes TRT and personalized health services like our monitoring services for patients on TRT.

Along with getting a hormonal blood panel and medical treatment at LifeRx.md, we advise patients to maximize TRT and health optimization by doing the following…

1-Sleeping 6-8 quality hours a night
2-staying away from processed foods, sugars and sweets
3-limiting your smoking consumption
4-get at least 30 minutes of strength training 3x a week and 4-eat foods and consume supplements that help you support your body’s natural testosterone production.

At LifeRx.md, we focus on helping our patients improve their quality of life. Our mission is to help you receive highly personalized medical care that helps find and treat the underlying symptoms. If you’re interested in finding out if TRT is right for you, reach out to us to put your doubts to an end.

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